Pontoon Trailers



Sturdy and Efficiently Made

Com-Fab manufactures only the most sturdy, well-made pontoon trailers.  Coated in a rust-proof galvanized coating, you can be confident that your pontoon boat will be arrive safely and securely wherever you may take it!

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Products include:                        

• 18ft to 20ft single axle trailers
• 20ft to 22ft heavy duty single axle trailers
• 20ft to 22ft tandem axle trailers
• 22ft to 24ft tandem axle trailers
• 25ft to 26ft tandem axle trailers
• Double personal watercraft trailer
• 4 Unit personal watercraft trailer
• Other products available


Additional Accessories:

• Spare tire & wheel mounted on your trailer.
• Tri-toon kits available.
• Hydraulic surge disc brakes.

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